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My name is Verusca Walker, I'm a Brazilian artist living in Australia for the past 8 years. I love to use creativity, manual works with marzipan, biscuit, clay, fabric or even recyclable material. For me, any type of expression, visual or corporal is great! I do love in special cloth doll and I am creating my on style of dolls right now. Please visit my virtual gallery for updates: Art has been a huge part of me all my life and only now I have the chance to pursue this passion. I had a diploma in Advertising Design & Marketing but I have to abandon the creative side in favour of a "more practical" career as a Secretary. So I went back to college and have a diploma in Secretary and degree in Secretary Bilingual from the University of Metodista/ Brazil. However, even there, I was drawn to the creative aspects of the business events such as planing and organize parties, meets, exhibition and travels. In 1999 my life did an 180? and I ended up on another side of the world in Australia. Here I have diploma in Business Administration, Fitness Instruction and studying Fine Arts at the moment. Is with Art that I have truly been blessed with many opportunities to further my art career to its fullest and fulfil my dreams and ambitions. I have my profile and Arts in Magazines, exhibited in galleries, fairs, markets, have been commissioned to do art pieces, sell online on ebay and simply enjoy creating original art that reflect my clients' ideas as well as my very own. I am a self-taught artist that just beginning to explore a whole range and forms to express my self and my ideas. My work has been described as fresh, magical, and colourful. I usually get my ideas from fantasy world. My inspirations come from my surroundings and every now and then from my dreams. My painting style and colour scheme develop depending on my mood at time, what could bee some times very dark or very colourful and glittery. I invite you to take a peak at my portfolio, I hope that you enjoy viewing my art and I welcome any feedback.

"Expressing oneself in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional form is a unique ability that allows others to visualize your mind.   It is truly a magical form of communication!"


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